Wireless Disconnect-PreID™

Wireless Disconnect-PreID™

Removes disconnects from any list of wireless phones

Stop dialing unwanted disconnects and save time in the field by using STS Wireless Disconnect-PreID™. Using live telephone company data, the STS Wireless Disconnect-PreID™ service identifies disconnected wireless phones in any list, database, voter file, or prospect database. So, start saving precious call center time and money today and stop spending money to hand-dial so many disconnected wireless numbers. Your interviewing and call center staff will thank you for it as well, since interviewer morale and your overall productivity will increase.

STS Wireless Disconnect-PreID™ is fast and inexpensive. Files can be uploaded and processed directly on the STS website, using our Wireless-PreID™ service, or you can place an order directly with an STS Account Representative.

Contact STS today at (800)944-4-STS or at info@stssamples.com for more information about how STS Wireless Disconnect-PreID™ can help you be more efficient and save money when dialing wireless phones.

Wireless Disconnect-PreID

  • Purges disconnects from any
    list of wireless phones in seconds.
  • Maximize outbound calling efficiency in the field.
  • Save on data collection costs.
  • Available via the STS Wireless-PreID™ service.
    Click here to establish an account and begin today!

Need help staying TCPA compliant? STS Wireless Pre-ID™ can help.


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