Why Choose STS?

Why Choose STS?

An Open Letter from Steve Clark,
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Scientific Telephone Samples (STS) has an established track record since 1988, and has earned a reputation for providing quality sampling and list services. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service and quality, while maintaining competitive prices.

Importantly, our management staff have done most of the same things you do for a living – worked as top level analysts and research consultants, run call centers, designed hundreds of studies and questionnaires, written detailed statistically oriented reports, and pretty much anything else you can lump into a research professional's background.

Whether you are a sampling specialist, social science researcher, full-service researcher, political consultant, or are with a commercial call center or university-affiliated survey research facility, you should strongly consider STS as a potential resource to add to your team. We think good sampling is more than taking an order and pushing a few buttons. That's why the word SCIENTIFIC is the first part of our name

Our mission is to provide the highest quality marketing research sampling, list services, matching, and data services at a competitive price, and to ensure each and every client is completely satisfied.

We pride ourselves on the continued ability to make good on that promise. Ask our clients. They will tell you we deliver extremely accurate, productive sampling that makes research run smoother in the field.

I thank you for your interest in STS and sincerely appreciate your business.

Best regards,

Steve Clark

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Celebrating 30 Years

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We would enjoy hearing from you, and will be happy to answer any questions about our services that you may have. We always strive to make each and every client satisfied. I look forward to earning your business.


-Steve Clark, Co-Founder and Partner

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