Listed Sampling

Listed Landline Sampling

More Targeted Sampling Based Upon Known Households

Pull more efficient lists of landline telephone households and mailing addresses using the STS Listed Landline sampling database. STS Listed Landline samples offer comprehensive coverage of known households across the United States. This data encompasses telephone directory information, address data, household level demographic data, home purchase information, as well as a variety of self-reported and public record information. Listed Landline samples can be targeted by a large variety of household, individual, and census demographic variables in order to directly pinpoint your intended survey criterion.

Listed Landline sampling introduces favorable cost advantages resulting from higher qualifying incidence levels, and may significantly shorten the turnaround time for a research study. Although less statistically representative than RDD Landline sampling, listed sampling is frequently used by researchers when targeting is required. Despite the continuing trend of landline households converting to wireless-only status, landlines continue to be a large and important subset of the population that can not be overlooked. It is generally recommended to sample both landlines and wireless phones when conducting marketing research to ensure representation.

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Business to Business

  • Telephone or mailing lists
  • Pinpoint list toward demographic
  • Target based upon 100’s of variables
    including age, income, gender,
    ethnicity, children, block group, etc
  • Better productivity for landlines
  • Radius and polygon sampling
  • Fast Turnaround

GIS based list selection makes reaching
difficult to sample areas possible.
Shown below: Bus route sampling

Sample Map

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