Billing Zip Code Append

Billing Zip Code Append

Append the actual Billing ZIP Code to any list of phone numbers.

Tired of calling respondents or prospects outside of your intended geographic area? Our STS Billing ZIP Append service can help!

Using live telephone company data, the STS Billing ZIP Append service codes the actual telephone subscriber’s billing ZIP code to telephone records in any sample, database, or list.

The STS Billing ZIP Append service is fast and inexpensive. Files can be uploaded and coded via the STS website, using our Wireless-PreID™ service, or you can place an order directly with an STS Account Representative.

Contact STS today at or at 1(800)944-4-STS for more information about how STS Billing ZIP Append can help you be more efficient and save money on your next telephone data collection project.

RDD House
  • Code the actual Billing ZIP Code of the
    telephone subscriber in any sample,
    list, or database containing phones.
  • Maximize outbound calling efficiency in
    the field by eliminating phone calls
    outside your intended geographic area.
  • Save on data collection costs.
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Available via the STS Wireless-PreID™
    service. Click here to establish an
    account and begin today!

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