What is needed to get started with the service?


In order to get started with the STS Wireless-PreID™ service, simply register above. You will be required to have an “intermodal ported data agreement” with the company that is responsible for administration of all ported data – a company called iconectiv®. This ported data agreement is required since all companies who use, view, or otherwise take possession of ported information must have the proper license.

This contract is not technically part of the STS Wireless-PreID™ service, however STS can not provide you with ported information without that agreement. STS is happy to provide you with a discounted price of $959.00 (the normal cost is $1,400). Please contact an STS Account Representative with any questions you might have about this ported data contract.


How Often Should You Screen Your Files?


Answer: Everyday, or at the very least every 2 weeks.
TCPA regulations provide for a 15-day safe harbor period “…on placing automatic telephone dialing system (autodialed) or prerecorded message calls to wireless numbers when such calls are made to numbers that have been recently ported from wireline service to wireless service.” New ported phones are added to the database every 24 hours. So, each day there are new phones you need to identify and avoid from automated dialing. Since our Wireless-PreID™ service is so fast and simple to use, it makes sense to screen your files each day. With a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription, we provide an allotment of phone numbers to screen against during your subscription period – 4,000,000 numbers on the yearly plan. Thus, you can screen as many times as you like with NO minimums. So, at the very least you’ll need to screen records every two weeks to limit your liability.


The TCPA Law: Why You Need Wireless-PreID™


The TCPA law requires 100% hand dialing of all wireless phones that have not given their “express prior consent to use an automatic telephone dialing system (autodialer)” to place a call to a cell phone. Naturally, this has complicated market research data collection, telemarketing, and customer contact in general. Overall, the use of automated, power, or predictive dialing of wireless phones is a risky proposition. The penalties are steep and apply to each violating call, so compliance is something to take seriously. Fines can be issued as high as $16,000 per call depending upon the severity of the violations. STS Wireless-PreID™ is your best choice for staying TCPA complaint and avoiding hefty fines. The number of lawsuits continue to increase and companies have been fined millions of dollars by the FCC. Many similar services only deal with ported phones leaving you at risk. STS Wireless-PreID™ is different. Our service offers holistic compliance by providing detailed coding of all potentially wireless phones, including potentially wireless numbers that intermixed with landlines based upon telephone company assignment procedures.
Learn more about the TCPA:
https://www.fcc.gov/general/telemarketing-and-robocalls https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/wireless-phones-and-national-do-not-call-list



Stay TCPA compliant by identifying all potentially wireless phone in any data set.

The STS Wireless-PreID™ service is designed to help you adhere to TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) regulations which require hand-dialing of all wireless phone numbers. If you make phone calls to the public, you need STS Wireless-PreID™.

STS Wireless-PreID™ identifies in your data all wireless, potentially wireless, mixed-mode, and VoIP telephones, as well as phones ported from a landline to a wireless device. We use the latest database technology and only the freshest data, which is updated every 24 hours, to ensure you can stay on top of TCPA compliance. The service is fast and easy to use, and does not require any technical knowledge – simply upload your file of phone numbers and begin. Processing only takes seconds and your file is downloaded with codes appended identifying the nature of each phone number.

The STS Wireless-PreID™ service also has a variety of data enhancement options, that can help make your data collection from any customer or client provided list more efficient, including:

  • STS Phone Activity-PreID™ - Using live telephone company data, identify active telephones to increase calling efficiency and save money.
  • STS Billing ZIP Append – Code the actual telephone subscriber's billing ZIP code to telephone records in any sample, database, or list. This helps you understand exactly where members of your list actually reside.

Overall, STS Wireless-PreID™ is cost effective. When you purchase the STS Wireless-PreID™ service, you will have four pricing options to choose from. It can be used on a pay-as-you-go basis with a minimum order of only $25. Even the pay-as-you-go plan is very robust and has no limit as to the number of records. We also offer more professional grade monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans for larger users who plan on screening files more frequently. The monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans have the advantage of having no minimum order required. The yearly plan is the most powerful and comes with two concurrent users as standard. Right now, we have a special discounted price of 15% off the yearly plan, so we encourage you to lock-in the savings!

The TCPA Law: Why You Need Wireless-PreID™

How often should you screen your files?

What is needed to get started with the service?

Contact STS today at info@stssamples.com or at (800)944-4-STS for more information about how STS Wireless-PreID™ can help you stay TCPA compliant.

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We process your files using the latest TCPA compliant data, and prepare your data instantly. Identify wireless phones from thousands of records in seconds. Include Activity-PreID™ coding or Billing ZIP code to supercharge your list and make calling more efficient.

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Once your file is complete, download the file with the information appended to your own computer. All information is appended to the end of the file you provided. The perfect data, each and every time!

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Our Wireless-PreID™ service is ready 24/7 for your TCPA compliance needs. Simply upload and process your file in seconds. Rescreen your files every day to stay compliant!

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