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Why inclusion of wireless phones
is so important in any sample
or phone append


52.5% of USA households are now wireless-only (do not have a landline phone). An additional 15.1% of US households are wireless-mostly. A wireless-mostly household is defined as one that has a landline phone, but takes all or almost all of their calls on a wireless device. Together, 67.6% of U.S. households are now either wireless-only or wireless-mostly – therefore these respondents are unlikely to be reached on a landline.

Unfortunately, many vendors only can provide landline phones and this is not representative. In order to maintain representative coverage, you MUST include both wireless and landline phones.

The following chart shows the overall breakdown of US households by telephone coverage:

So, if you purchase landline-only lists or append only landline phones to your data, you are missing out on a huge proportion of the population. Contact STS today for a copy of our Wireless Update, which contains additional useful information on demographics and regional breakdowns of the wireless population at or 1(800)944-4-STS.


Append Services

Enhance Your Data with Residential, Consumer, Business, and Address Data

One of our specialties is appending information to client data files. Using your address or telephone information, we can append a large selection of different variables, including but not limited to:

  • Wireless telephone
  • Landline telephone
  • Residential address
  • Consumer/Residential name, age, income, ethnicity, gender, etc.
  • Business telephone/Fax number
  • Business address
  • Business name
  • Business email
  • Business information such as NAICS/SIC, sales volume, employee size
  • Geographic codes such as ZIP code, FIPS Code (county), CBSA, Time Zone, State etc.
  • Census Demographic Data
  • Billing ZIP code append
  • Phone Activity Codes
  • Wireless/Landline identification: STS Wireless-PreID™

Contact an STS Account Representative today to discuss your data appending needs at or via phone at 1(800)944-4-STS.

Learn More: Why appending wireless phones is so important.

Append Services

  • Select from hundreds of variables to
    append using the powerful STS
    Consumer and Business Database
  • Append Wireless Phones or Landlines
  • Append B2B Phones or Emails
  • Append Geo-Codes such as Time
    Zone, County, State, or CBSA
  • Provide your file in any format
  • Append to the whole list or a subset
  • Fast Turnaround

Need help staying TCPA compliant? STS Wireless Pre-ID™ can help.


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