Online Sampling

Online Sampling and Data Collection

Turn-key online sampling, programming, hosting, and data collection services for conducting online research.

Harness the power of online sampling to quickly and inexpensively sample millions of online panelists. From political polling, to consumer or business-to-business research, STS offers a vast array of online sampling options with a full-service approach.

Scientific Telephone Samples (STS) once meant just phone sample. Today we offer a wide range of other services to help you stay productive, including online research. While online sampling is not pure probability in nature, such as RDD sampling, and does not have the reach you can achieve with our Enhanced-Wireless™ and Landline Listed sampling, online data collection is a great solution for many projects these days. So, when thinking about your next online sampling project, call the sampling experts at STS.

We offer a full-service solution for your online research needs. We'll help you evaluate your options, prepare demographic data, and estimate feasibility for online sample -- as well as traditional methodologies and mixed-mode. Plus, when you are ready to deploy your online study, STS can program, host, and launch your survey online using our multi-sourced panel of millions of quality respondents. Plus, we will assist you with establishing quotas based upon demographic data to ensure proper coverage of major demographic groups. And, we will provide you with an online dashboard so you can monitor your project's progress.

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Online Sampling
  • Full online sampling capabilities
  • Panel sampling
  • Full service programming, hosting, and data collection services.
  • Online dashboard for tracking of results as they are collected.
  • Turn-key solution for online data collection

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